About the Artist

Hello, I'm Rebecca Worters.  I've been painting since shortly after the birth of my daughter Olivia in 2003.  Here's how it happened:  One day for no apparent reason I ended up at Jerry's Artarama where I bought my first canvas and some tubes of acrylic paint. Although I'd never even taken an art class throughout high school and college, it immediately became clear to me that I enjoyed painting--a LOT.  With a baby and a business to manage I didn't find nearly enough time to do what I loved, but I kept my "brush wet."

Taking most of my time was a search firm called Capability Company. I founded and managed the firm serving nonprofits until 2009 when I transferred the reigns to my colleague.

Since then I've been painting almost every day and I participate in many art classes and workshops. My works have been shown at Gallery A, Cameron Village Public Library and in many businesses and private homes.  You can find out more about the philosophy (if you can call it that) of my art by reading the artist statement below. 

Artist Statement

Ever since I was a child, garden paths, spaces and secret nooks have fascinated me. In my art, I try to convey a sense of mystery and beauty all at once. The question I'm always asking is "what's behind that vine or archway or flower? What is hidden?"

I love vibrant colors and the interplay of contrasting colors because it gives a sense of depth--looking beyond what is in the foreground. The motion in my work is very fluid, always capturing and surrounding something. The vibrant colors are a sign of mystery-- what is hidden by the vine or the leaf.

As a child I would escape to my grandparent's garden while the adults visited. A winding stone path beckoned to reveal a dreamlike retreat—soft cool earthen floors with walls of climbing roses—for the moment, my own secret garden. In my art I seek to recapture this place where one understands the security of knowing order exists and is therefore free to imagine it as wild and unknown.

When I paint, I feel free and lose my sense of time – as if in meditation. My inner critic seems to put up its feet for a while and have a nice glass of lemonade. I hope the viewer will be enchanted by my work long enough to drift into timelessness, where chronology is fluid and there is no differentiation between past, now and future.

I try to mimic the beauty of nature at a micro level. I rarely paint expansive landscapes. I love the sense of being enclosed and cloistered by nature and free to look beyond for the mystery that is there.