Art Just for You

Commissioning a Piece of Art:  It's Not Just for the Fancypants

Have you ever wanted a piece of original art all your own?  Something that was designed just for your tastes with your favorite colors, in a size that fits your special space exactly? 

I love to create paintings and I’m a good listener.   If you are interested in a painting for your home or office I will come to your space, take pictures, ask you about your style and preferences and keep you updated (with pictures of the work in progress) while I’m creating your special piece. 

I believe that creating art is a process that can and should include the input of other people.   Want brighter colors?  I can do that.  Want more red in that flower?  No problem.  Making art is a gift that I want to share with you.  I delight in your delight.


The Story of a Commission: 

From Carpet Square 

to Painting 

                                    in Two Weeks

Sherry had a space in her den above the television that was blank.  She was bored by it.  When she watched Grey’s Anatomy it stared back at her.  “Do something,” it said.  As she browsed the web and shopped in art stores she kept the space in mind, but nothing ever jumped out at her. 

First there was the size.  It was large and it was perfectly square—40X40”.  And there were certain color combinations she wanted-because those colors permeated the rest of the room.   

One day Sherry called me and said, “Do you think you could help me by painting a piece for this space?”

I went to her house and took a good look at things she already had on the walls.  What were the styles she preferred?  I looked at the Blank Space and measured it.  I asked her about her color preferences.  Luckily she had a carpet square that showcased the very colors she loved and that were in that room.  She let me take the carpet square with me so I had a color reference.

Draft one of the painting had an orangish-salmony background, matching one of smaller parts of the carpet square.  I emailed Sherry a picture of this background and asked if she liked it.  She said she’d prefer a blue background.   Out came the blue paint and a new canvas. 

A couple of weeks later, I completed Sherry’s painting and delivered it to her.   Here’s what she said about it:

"I am thrilled with the painting I commissioned from Rebecca! Not only does it match the colors in the carpet sample I gave her as a guide, but it reflects my personality and taste, and fits perfectly in my home.

Guests in my home regularly comment on the painting and many inquire about commissioning one for themselves. I am very pleased with Rebecca's work, and look forward to continuing to add to my 'Rebecca Worters' art collection!"

--Sherry Heuser